How To Welcome Your Airbnb Guest In A Beautiful Way!

Since the advent of Airbnb over 8 years ago, this business has made huge, huge milestones. From a concept that was invented by two guys in San Francisco, to a global empire that today straddles across all continents, offering accommodation in over 191 countries, 31,000 Cities across the world; this is a phenomenon that was previously unimaginable! Today, thousands of home owners and property owners are making much money renting out their extra bedrooms and property to guests for a few days. In some instances, you’ll even find guests who wish to stay for more than a week, a month, and so on so forth. Regardless, what is important is for you to look at it like a real business; you have to ensure that your guest, who doubles as your client, enjoys their stay! It’s all about you welcoming them warmly, and ensuring that their stay is awesome during the entire duration.

Check these tips to always guide you when it comes to welcoming your Airbnb Guest in a beautiful way;

  • Honesty is the best policy; honesty is the best policy in any business, including that of Airbnb. This is to say that part of welcoming your guest beautifully starts long before you meet; post genuine photos of the accommodation you’re offering, be honest on the amenities, and other facilities of interest. It’d be a dishonor to your guest for them to come eager, jet lagged, and looking for a place to rest and relax; only for them to find that what you promised isn’t what you’re offering. In that regard, be honest from the word go; your Airbnb guest will also appreciate you for that, and this is one of the ways to ensure that you both get along well.
  • Be specific; one blunder that most Airbnb hosts make, at least for the newbies, is to generalize details when posting their rentals. It’s not enough to speak of a spacious one bedroom, or a comfy bed; go ahead and say whether it is a Queen Size Bed, Double, whether the bedroom has own bathrooms, laundry services, and so on so forth. These are some of the things that your guest on the other end of the world is very eager to hear! The moment you satisfy that urge by giving them precise and specific details of the accommodation you’re offering, trust you me, you’ve already brought a smile to their face regardless of where they are located!
  • Be on a charm offensive; again, you have to look at hosting your guest as a PR exercise in business! While it is common for the host to have concerns regarding their safety as a result of hosting a stranger, don’t forget that the guest has similar fears too! You have to assure them thus, engage them, and generally make them feel safe around you. Smile, be polite and courteous, he helpful with details that may be unclear to your Airbnb guest.
  • Show some hospitality; don’t forget that your Airbnb guest will arrive in your house tired, exhausted, and jet lagged; why not show them a bit of hospitality? Coffee, fresh juice, beer; these refreshments will go a long way not just in making the guest feel welcome, but also in earning you some positive Airbnb reviews. Don’t forget that you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of other home and property owners, all looking to earn something out of hosting an Airbnb guest. By offering them refreshments, Wi-Fi, and other additional incentives, you’re positioning yourself for positive reviews; which is what most Airbnb guests look out for when renting rooms for accommodation.
  • Be flexible; whether you’re welcoming a repeat Airbnb guest, or a first timer, you’ll need to be flexible and realistic. This applies especially in regards to pricing; there are peak seasons, and low seasons and in that regard, you need to adjust accordingly. For instance, on weekends, holidays, when there’s a major conference in town, Valentine’s Day, etc; these are always high peak seasons, and you can charge for your room as you wish. But on weekdays most people would be typically working, or during winter, you’re likely to have fewer Airbnb guests looking for accommodations. And if you have to survive in a market where competition is so stiff, you’ll need to lower your rates a bit. Just a bit, enough to make the few guests available consider your premises and not your competitor’s. See some airbnb host tools.
  • Check what other Airbnb hosts are doing; if it is the first time you’re hosting an Airbnb Guest, it makes much sense to check what other gusts are doing. How do they word their posts, what are the boundaries they set when advertizing their rooms or Villas or whatever accommodation they are offering? Because hosting an Airbnb guest is a delicate balance between business and homeliness, you have to acquaint yourself with the basic protocol or engaging, welcoming, and living with your guest during their stay. You’ll even see the reviews that guests have left on Airbnb, and really find out what their expectations are.
  • Give your Airbnb guest their ‘me time’; the line between being beautifully welcoming, and being nagging is pretty thin! You have to give your guests time to rest, freshen up, rejuvenate, and also be themselves just like they would be in their homes. This is one way of welcoming them, because it makes them enjoy their stay at your premises. Again, be polite and courteous, and remember the old rule of communication; if you have nothing good to say, shut up. You could be hosting someone who loves their privacy and keeps to themselves, and the last thing you wish to do is to make them feel uneasy or fed up with your exaggerated generosity and friendliness! Your guest will feel more welcome if you are polite, hospitable, but also able to let them have their own ‘alone’ time when the need to arises.

In summary;

Welcoming your Airbnb guest should come automatically, it’s not something you have to struggle to achieve or realize. It starts long before the guest has checked in, and continues even on the very last day they are departing! Make use of the above AirBnB Host tips, and things will work out fine.

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