England’s Green Spaces

Written by Andrew Charalambous.

If you do not live in England and the country was mentioned, you will most likely think of the cities like London but there is much more to the country that that. According to statistics around 47% of London is green space.

The United Kingdom is one of the greenest nations in the world with plenty of open fields, farms parks.

With such beauty it is important to protect these spaces for future generations to come so that they will be able to enjoy them for years ahead.

You can read more about the green spaces in the UK from this Andrew Charalambous post

London is such a built up busy place with the old buildings mixed with the new skyscrapers. There are some great parks around the capital like Hyde park and Kensington Gardens. These are very popular especially in the summer when the weather is good.

The county of Kent in the South East of England is called the garden of England as it has miles upon miles of green space of its famous for its natural beauty.

Sussex in the South West of England is also very green and similar to Kent. The open spaces are popular with families wanting a picnic where the children can run a bout and play.

Many people use the green spaces to go for long walks and there are many clubs which walking is done in groups and specific routes are set out.

It is also in the interest of the farming industry to protect the land. Farmers look after the land and play a huge part in maintain the countryside. Some spaces are privately owned and maintained by the owner and staff where some are run by the local authorities.

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