Electrical Emergency Guide

If you need an electrician to help you with any repairs, installation or maintenance you should make sure that the person or company that you employ is competent to do the job and has the relevant qualifications and licenses to operate in your home or business premises.


So how do you go about finding someone competent enough to do a safe job that will be guaranteed for the future. You must be choosy as this person will have to enter your home.

You may be lucky enough to know an electrician or know someone else who does. This will save you a lot of researching and time and you may even get a cheaper rate.

If this is not the case then you will need to start looking for someone in the local area and a good place to start this searching on the internet. When looking make sure that you add your local area in the phrase. For instance if you live in London, type in electrician in London or electrical contractors in London. Just replace London with the city that you are in.

Go through a few sites that you are presented with and check the credentials. Once you have decided on the best few, then ring for some quotations.

There are many types of electrician out there with specialist fields, but if the job is for the home then you will need a residential electrician.

Things may go wrong at any time and you may have a problem during the night. If this is the case you made need a 24 hour electrician in London to help you out during unsocial hoursĀ  if there is an emergency.


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